Friday, February 24, 2017

Episode 7: Goats, Come Smell Our Dairy Air!

Everything you wanted to know about goats, specifically dairy goats. How we picked our breeds, how we set up our dairy, how we care for and make more goats. The fun and not so fun of raising these clever, gregarious ruminants.


Clarice the Nigerian Dwarf

Roger, the Nigerian Dwarf buck

Mini Nubian with kids

Cover Girl on the milk stand

Dwarf kids

Pixie, our bottle-baby Mini Nubian

More dwarf kids

Klyde, our Mini Nubian buck

Pixie and her kid June Bug

Not quite ready for the stand

The boys dancing for dominance.

Here are some links to the facts:

The book that started it all...The Backyard Goat by Sue Weaver
-I picked up this book about 10 years ago and I read it about 10 times before we even started looking at buying a ranch.

Other books in my library:
Living with Goats by Margaret Hathaway
Raising Milk Goats Succesfully by Gail Luttmann

Natural Goat Care by Pat Coleby

Fias Co Farm is a great resource and has extensive information as well as great herbal remedies.

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