Tuesday, June 28, 2016


So we have a first-freshening doe named Ginger  who was due on the 22nd. On the 25th after showing no signs of labor she started bleeding and had unsuccessful contractions for a couple hours. Then she stopped again. A few hours later we decided to help her along and found a stillborn girl pretzelled up inside her. Christy did an expert job of manipulating the fetus and getting it out. We're talking elbow deep here. Anyway, as we said, it was already gone so another lost girl, it's always a girl it seems.

Then Mike had the idea of grabbing the week-old abandoned sheep we had been bottle feeding and trying to make the best of the situation. He rubbed the birthing goo from the stillborn all over the little sheep and the doe's nose. Wouldn't you know it, they took to each other like ducks to water!

Ginger passed another stillborn girl shortly after (of course another girl) so it was a day of significant loss to the herd but at least she gets to learn to be a mother and we no longer have to bottle feed the little sheep. The two are inseparable now and both seem to be healthy. #mininubian #hairsheep #fromanuthamutha #silverlinings

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