Saturday, April 25, 2015

Cleanup crew

Some may think this is kind of gross but it is really just one of the fascinating duties that livestock guardian dogs provide. We have anatolian shepherds and great pyrenees dogs living with our sheep and goats to protect them and their babies from predators like coyotes, mountain lions and even eagles.

When a lamb or kid is born, the dogs will stay close and as soon as the afterbirth drops they are right there to clean it up. Aside from being highly nutritious, it is believed that this is done to remove any trace of the birth that may draw predators. Cotton, our great pyr, is pictured here shortly after yesterday's lambing.

I am always amazed how the sheep will happily lay in a big pile with the big white dogs but completely freak out when they see a border collie. Just like knowing how to patrol in teams and being able to judge threats (including watching the sky for birds of prey), these LGDs are uniquely bred for function and usefulness. #lgd #greatpyrenees

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