Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Silent Tuesday

Silent Tuesday... We have a few too many roosters around here. They are starting to squabble with each other and our poor hens are showing the consequences of their vitality. We have been meaning to thin the herd for quite some time and today was the day.

It has always been our intent for this to be a real, self-sustaining farm. The animals grown here are used for their milk, eggs and meat. Today we harvested five roosters for the freezer.

This is a video of Mike's homemade chicken plucker. He made it last summer but hadn't had a chance to use it until today. If you have ever plucked a bird by hand, you will appreciate how efficient this thing is. Just to be very clear, this is not a live chicken! This rooster had previously been humanely dispatched, bled and scalded to loosen the feathers. It's not alive in the video.

We are recording all of our experiences here at the ranch, not just the cute pictures of goats and doggies. We understand this may not be for everyone but every drumstick and hot wing you have ever eaten had gone through this process. These roosters grew up here from chicks, were provided a great free-range life and are now providing us with wholesome food for our table.
 — at Vicarious Ranch.

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