Monday, December 2, 2013

Tempie and Fifi

We try and make it to the local animal auction on the first Sunday of each month.   There is a lot of livestock that comes through, but we mostly watch and seldom buy.  Buying at auction isn't always the bargain it seems. Many times people use the auction to sell off sick, old, lame or infertile animals.  Many are to be purchased for slaughter. 
When we arrived we immediately noticed these two ewes.  They looked really healthy, clear eyes, clean noses and trimmed hooves.  The fellow who brought then to auction was there and told us that he had purchased them for slaughter with a large herd and soon realized they were bred. So for obvious reasons, he pulled them and brought them to auction instead. 
We had a maximum price in mind and thankfully the bidding didn't go above it.  So, short story long, we have two new pregnant ewes, bringing our herd to four.

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