Sunday, December 29, 2013

Indiana Jones and the Lost Sheep.

Indiana Jones earns his keep. Last night just before dark I walked by the bedroom window and much to my surprise what did I see on the hillside outside the fence but our 4 wild pregnant sheep! Apparently, I left the gate unlatched when I let Nella out for dinner and the ewes decided to make a break for it. After 20 minutes of hopelessly trying to guide them back, I brought an eager young Jones out and just said "go get 'em. " Incredibly, he ran a wide circle out to the far side of them and walked them straight back into their pen! I couldn't believe how his natural instincts kicked in and he did exactly what was asked of him. At 7 months, he is still quite young for official training but I think he will definitely be ready when the time comes. #herdingdogs #bordercollies #priceless

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