Sunday, November 3, 2013

Bare root order

We are fortunate to live near Bay Laurel, one of the big online bare root tree nurseries in California. They can get just about anything we want so here is our wishlist for this winter. Since we are local, we can pick them up in December rather than waiting until March for them to ship. As you can see, we are adding a bunch of new apples and hope to dabble in cider making. This will bring our fruit tree count up to 90!

Belle de Boskoop Apple on M111
Cox Orange Pippin Apple on M111
Calville Blanc Apple on M111
Peter's Honey Fig
Orange Quince
Pineapple Quince
Arkansas Black Apple on M111 (ours died of drought)
White Pakistan Mulberry
Ashmead's Kernal Apple on M111
Golden Russet Apple on M111
Hudson's Golden Gem Apple on M111
Pink Lady Apple on M111
Pink Pearl Apple on M 111
Spitzenburg Apple on M 111
Yellow Bellflower Apple on M 111
North Star Dwarf Cherry on Mahaleb
Montmorency Cherry on Mahaleb
English Morello Cherry on Mazzard
Burgundy Plum on Citation
Chocolate Persimmon
Ambrosia Pomegranate
Improved Brown Turkey Fig (squirrels killed ours)

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