Tuesday, September 24, 2013

fall harvest

the season of growing is slowing.  our very generous neighbor frequently stops us at the mailboxes and invites us to pick from her very large garden.  late yesterday we stopped in to grab a few things.  

approaching the grape vine the scent was intoxicating...invoking memories of grape juice mustaches and running in sprinklers.  i pulled about 20 pounds of grapes, which were barely missed on the overflowing vines.

mike wandered off and came back loaded down with a variety of pears and a basket full of jujubes.

i picked a few handfuls of persimmon and stuffed my gullet with mulberries on the way out.  i love our new life, and it is moments when a neighbor shares her bounty that make it all that much more sweet.

ruckus checking out the bounty
he eventually settled on a persimmon and pear
the chickens prefer the persimmon
indiana jones devouring a jujube

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