Thursday, August 8, 2013

Yak free zone!

The yaks are shuttled off the trailer and into their new habitat. That's our ranch in the background so they didn't have far to travel. #theregoestheneighborhood


  1. I just found your blog. I searched for posts about the yaks but I couldn't find any where you explained why you decided to get rid of them. What happened?

  2. Well, the yaks came with the ranch when we bought it last year. There were originally 3 of them; a mating pair and a daughter. Last January, the female died so that just left us with a father and daughter. He have a self-imposed rule of no animals without a purpose and since we couldn't breed the yaks or milk the yaks and they didn't provide anything other than a novelty and a food bill we decided to move them out. Our neighbor has always loved to watch them on the hillsides and eagerly accepted our offer to give them to her so it worked out well for neighbor relations too. Win/win!


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