Thursday, August 1, 2013

growing still

yesterday was incredibly busy. we started early with the chores, filling water bowls, topping up feed, making sure fences are secure...running energy off of Scout. ....And by 9 we were on the road.
we are in the process of purchasing and relocating a dairy to our property.  a dairy with lots of moving parts, allowing for a bit of moving and shaking during its relocation.   we dropped by its current site to pull out the mobile bits and pieces and secure the big pieces of equipment.  as luck would have it...the sellers {of the dairy} were using it to make sheep's milk ice cream. the freezer {which is soon to be ours} was filled with forgotten pints; chocolate, mint, honey, coffee, blueberry....
...we were offered a few pints to take home
...which we did, gladly
pretty yummy.
less fat that your standard fare--which gives the flavors a real chance to shine
i think the coffee might be our favorite
sound good to you?  you should check them out
Negranti Creamery

Our days are balanced with his and hers

the dairy

our next stop
His...all His

We have chickens mostly for the eggs. Our chickens will lay white, blue, green and peachy colored eggs.  The color of egg is determined by the breed.
Sometimes, people do some interesting cross breeds that lay olive green and dark chocolate brown eggs.

they are extremely rare.
...and also a slight obsession of Mike's
he has been doing side dealings and having hush hallway conversations, with someone named Yvette, for weeks

yesterday we met Yvette
after a quick tour of her operation, she handed us a cardboard box
full of 1 month old chickens
Copper Black Marans
A full box, that sat for 30 minutes on my lap, as we made our way home
a box, while practical {they will lay eggs}, is really about genetics for Mike

to be honest--i have no clue
the two of them {mike and yvette} rattled off a whole litany of ifs and whens--a genetic meshegas, while i admired the shade trees.
want to talk about ice cream again?

what about goats?

our "mother herd" is almost complete.  We have both nigerian dwarf and mini-nubian goats in our herd.  But...until yesterday, we were still looking for a couple more mini-nubians.  our third stop was a his and hers moment.  something we both had interest in.

we picked out two new babies, learned that our nubians {with the exception of one} all come from the same herd line, and milked a goat.  the kids are too young to take home just yet, so we left with a car empty of caprine, but  heads full of ideas on how to diversity our herd genetics.  the evening was consumed by cruising the internet for studs.  and believe me, it wasn't a magic mike moment by any stretch.

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  1. It sounds wonderful Christy. Can't wait to see the results. I'm anxious to see if you get baby peacocks too. Mike's biology background is paying off. The dairy should round out your dream.
    Go team!


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