Saturday, August 17, 2013

chickens for fly control

kitchen scraps have an after-life on the ranch.  they are divided into chicken snacks and compost.  the compost bucket sits outside the kitchen door, until it is full enough to bring to the compost heap.  about a week ago, the bucket was laden with flies and i covered it tightly, as we already have a war going on with house flies.  a few days ago, i lifted the top to toss some 'overdue' veggies in and noticed a heap of maggots in the bin.  yes, i know, gross.
i promptly brought the bucket out to the chickens and gave them the opportunity to feast on the little buggers, before i added the remaining compost to the heap in the garden.
they loved it! and i loved it! those maggots would have soon been flies
natural pest control
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