Thursday, June 27, 2013

some days

I hesitate to write this.  But in the interest in telling our whole story here on the ranch, I must.  This past weekend was incredible.  We were still basking in the brightness of it come Monday.

Then the universe swirled us back to reality...

WD had to go in for surgery because of an abscess on her eye
-she looks like she has been in a prize fight
---and lost

My, less that 45 day old, tires are experiencimg rotation fatigue and have decided to periodically deflate for no apparent reason
-which is less than helpful when you live 30 minutes from a stoplight

Our Polish chickens took a beating from the other chickens, leading to a bloody skull parade in the coop
-which ended in another more permanent carnage
--Ruckus getting his first taste of fresh meat while our backs were turned
---which got him his first real talking to
----and my realization that it IS always the quiet ones

Little Scout
-in heat
--came running into the house, panting furiously, and appearing injured
---readily convincing me that she had been bitten by a snake
----to which I threw myself into a panic
-----as i realized i didn't have the flashlight app on my phone
------holding a squirming, panting dog under lamplight isn't as easy as it sounds
- repeatidly yelling "fucking metrics"
--while also cursing all of europe
---did my best to convert mgs to ccs
----because we only have a single syringe
-----which i am ashamed to say
------used to be filled with chocolate
-------some sort of marketing gimmick
--------my mother brought me on a lark from vegas
--------and is marked in ccs

one day sunshine
the next
in serious need of moonshine

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  1. I'm still revelling over the fabulous yak throwing contest we had on Sat afternoon. You guys gave us a fantabulous weekend ;) !!!!


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