Thursday, June 13, 2013

a little update

It has been 3 weeks since I last wrote.  Time is just flyin' by.  We have been very busy. Dawn risings (Mike), late night planning (Christy), training and tending.  Tomorrow is Mike's birthday and our wedding anniversary (it must be known that we have 2 anniversaries...our church wedding day--the 14th, and our big bash/repeat of vows day--the 16th). We will go out to a great dinner, and toast to the life we have...and then get back to work.

Since we last chatted, we have put 2 small barns on the property.  One has become the sleeping quarters for the goats, and the other the chicken coop.  They went up on Tuesday and have been such a pleasant addition. {More photos coming soon} We are slowly reclaiming the garage (which housed the goats, chickens and ducks), and are starting to use it for its "real" purpose---storing things. 

Ruckus and Rizzo spend their days with the goats, frolicking in the water bark Mike has built for them, in an effort to keep them cool.  Our days are well into the 100s, and we all are easily over-heated. Some afternoons you can find one of us, swinging in the hammock, hoping to get a bit of mist off the "water-bark" spray.  

The ducklings are just a week old, and we can begin to introduce them to pools of water.  They are too young to be left alone, as they can easily drown at this age.  They lack the oil in their feathers to be buoyant, that they would already have if raised by a duck mother, rather than a human one.  They enjoy emptying their water trough several times a day, making a smelly and wet mess in their brooder.  Good thing they are adorable.

We are finding it important to spend some time each day handling all of the animals.  They can easily become skiddish and/or unfriendly, which we do not want to happen.  While it is good practice, it is very time consuming, and  minutes can turn into an hour, in the blink of an eye.

We are still working on the plans to remodel the house.  We have gone through, what seems like, a million iterations, and are close to getting a defined plan and time estimate.  In the meanwhile, we are living a bit like vagabonds.  Currently our weaponry out-numbers our pieces of furniture. But, to be fair, when it comes to defending your livestock from predators, a gun is certainly more valuable than a credenza.  

Speaking of which...
We had a small coyote that was prowling around a bit to close for my comfort.  I had heard him yipping mid-day and as dusk approached.  The other morning, he was at our lower gate, and ran off as I pulled up towards him. Although country coyotes aren't nearly as bold as city coyote, I found myself reaching for the rifle when taking the small dogs outside (particularly when Mike wasn't home).  I thought this coyote might just be young enough to be bold enough to try something.  I know I could have shot him, if need be...but I found myself feeling a bit bad, when Mike mentioned that the coyote was dead on the side of the road yesterday. I should be grateful.

We are definitely not easing into this new life...we are charging at it full-force.  

And loving it dearly



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  1. Thanks for the updates! I feel like I'm there! Wish I was. Enjoy your birthday/anniversary!


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