Thursday, May 23, 2013

kid's names

this wasn't easy...

i had names in know, we all do.
especially those of us whom don't have human kids
hearing a name we like here and there and filing it in the back of our mind
if ever we are on a game show
and to win the big prize
you and your significant other
have to answer the question
name two baby names you and you agree on... have those in your back pocket
or is it just me?

those names, the ones i like for people...aren't really animal names
i may, eventually, change my mind on that
especially since we have 38 chickens to name
i might just whip out the baby name handbook for dummies and shoot down the list
because the only sure names we have
are lester and earl
mike loves lester flatt and earl scruggs
who doesn't?

i really wanted to name one of the goats dolly parton. i love dolly. also, we were told these goats were bred for their big teats.  so, dolly seemed udderly (get it?) appropriate. i was sure our little blonde goat would be dolly.
but then we got her home...and watched her play
and all i could see was rudolph's (the red nose-not guliani) girlfriend from the animated show.  she is curious and not shy at all.
we named her Clarice

the littlest of the trio is the brown doe.  she is adorable and jumps around and on top of anything you put in her way.  she is a speed demon..and full of spunk.
her name is Pip
the largest kid, is the offspring of he herd queen.  the breeder had taken to calling her princess because she kind of has an attitude.  but, i am not secure enough in my femininity to have any animal named princess. i normally only use that term in a snarky tone. which is totally unfair to a little kid.  so we axed that name.  this goat reminded us both of a mountain peak...white with snow and a bit of dirt and rock showing.  she's strong and stout
we are calling her Matti...short for Matterhorn.

The kids are named. 24 hours after coming home.  Someone alert People magazine, we are ready for our big reveal!

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