Friday, May 10, 2013

early may

we've been on a bit of a holiday...which means we have been away from the ranch for a couple of weeks....2  weeks may well have been a lifetime.

a little update:
the weather has been very hot, which means it is extremely dry here.  our green pastures are now a nice shade of beige, and all of the wild life is looking for alternative means of nutrition.

for the rabbits
it was all of our plants.  not the plants in the fenced garden, but the ones we had planted in pots and staged on our front lawn.
we had 175 strawberry plants...
they also ate our artichokes, beans, herbs, and pepper plants
chewed to the nib
apparently, all in one night
seems 2-3 feet off the ground, ain't high enough

but wait, there is more
the rattlers are out
our caretaker killed one, so we could use it to train the dogs
the dogs each have a rattlesnake vaccine, but that just buys time. they say it will give us about an hour, if one of our animals gets bitten.  which is good, because our vet is about an hour away.  just add it to my list of things to obsess about.
i am terrified of rattlers
when i was a little kid, we had a "clubhouse" in our backyard.  it is where i kept my suzy homemaker oven..and where i would make tasty treats.  one day, a rattler decided that he/she wanted to make delicious treats too, and when i opened the door to my oven, i got a greeting that basically, scarred me for life.
a snake in the oven, while an awesome title for a book, is not an awesome story line.
moving from one genre to another...we now have a snake in the freezer...among other things

just between us
things die out here
i'm sick of fighting with those darling little creatures that feast on my plants, grass, hay
i used to have a poster in my dorm room in college. it was poodle with a mohawk..he was mad as hell and wasn't going to take it anymore

well that is me
poodle with a mohawk
but yet
i am a wimp
so i just don't swerve or press my breaks while driving
i hit and run
just between us

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