Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ranch Update-february

it has been hard to find time in the schedule to do anything but a quick overnight at the ranch.  Originally, the plan was to be up here more, than not, beginning the first of the year. But here we are, at the end of February, and those plans have not come to fruition.  We have a new target-end of March, to be mostly at the ranch and occasionally in Pasadena.  Because our caretaker will be gone by then, we can not be soft on our progress.
With the haul we brought up of boxes this week, most of Mike's clothes and books are up here. I, on the other hand, have but a few items. It seems I have been less industrious in the packing than he.
As I sit here writing this, Mike is making quite a bit of noise in the garage. I should tell you why.  We drove up yesterday morning, in separate cars.  We like to stop at a popular cafe called Jack Ranch...I call it the rabbit place...for no other reason that I can't seem to think jack, without rabbit attached to it.  It doesn't serve rabbit, there isn't a rabbit it the logo. But yet, I am compelled to call it the rabbit place, and I can't seem to stop myself.  After our meal, Mike and the dogs (and Sam the bird) headed up to the ranch, and I headed in to town to pick up a few things.  And when I say I few, it is a gross miscalculation.
My plan was to pick up provisions, and a small cooking pot or two.
Mike and I had decided that him sleeping on a cot, and me on the couch was no longer "quaint".  We go to bed weary, and to have a poor night's sleep because we don't have a bed, had to be remedied.  The thing is, we really love our bed in Pasadena. It is huge and just the right sort of firm.  It is one of the few items we are going to take with us when we are up here full time.  I have a thing about beds.  When I moved to England (what seems a lifetime ago), I brought my bed with me...and then I carted it back upon my return. Some people bring photos of family, I bring a bed. It is what it is.  So, we agreed we would buy a bed for the guest room, and sleep on it until we are permanently up here.  
On my way to the grocery store, I saw a sign.  Big bed sale, or something like it.  A sign that is a sign...how novel.  So I pulled in.  But whatever they thought was a huge sale seemed their own sore of gross miscalculation, so I turned on my heel.  And as I did, out of the corner of my eye, I spied...TJ Max or is it Maxx?  Whatever, I saw it.  And when you see one of those places, when you need a few simple household items, it is important to "just look".  Because, it is slightly irresponsible not to seek a deal.
I found the small cooking pot I was seeking, along with 3 others that are slightly irregular, but regular enough to cook with and of good quality, so I put them in the cart.  I also found a really great dog bed, that is big enough for 2 and snug with 3 that is soft as soft can be.  And then I came across a few pillows for the couch, that I think really brighten up the joint.  And then I found a few other must-haves....then I assessed
...and put a few things back
like the curling iron--who am I kidding with that one?

new couch pillows
I really appreciate stores when they offer to help you to the car, I do.  But I never take them up on it because I don't know which of us would be more humiliated at the attempt to find space for everything.  My car was basically full when I stopped.  Now with the cart full of purchases, it was like the sand in that pebbles in the glass parable.  I politely decline the chivalry, and because of his insistence, find the need to come up with the line, "my husband is waiting in the car, he will help me."  I guess it seemed better than, "if you come to my car, you may think either I have a shopping problem, or I live in my car, and I'm new in town and would rather not be judged...yet."
So, I spent 20 minutes stuffing things into whatever negative space available, and then headed to the grocery store. I still had the passenger seat available...and darn it if I wasn't going to use it.  Did my shopping, loaded the car and checked my phone for any messages before heading out of town.
And there it was
the thing that home ownership is all about
when keys change hand
the appliances mourn
and give one last gasp
before death

The text read
"hot water heater won't light"

Which leads me back to the beginning of the story. The noise in the garage, is Mike replacing the hot water heater.  It actually sounds more like he is taking a hack saw to it, but I have it on good authority that he is replacing it.  
In other good news.
We purchased a very comfortable interim bed at half price and no sales tax, a washer/dryer on the cheap, and there is a pot roast in the oven.

next up: 
Plotting the garden...

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