Friday, January 18, 2013

it is all in a name

One of the things you get to do when you own a ranch that you don't get to do when you own a condo is name it.  We've had a poll up on the blog for a while asking for suggestions and voting on a name for our new place. There were some great suggestions and we thought long and hard before picking one.
Eventually we settled on Vicarious Ranch. I really liked "Triple Yak Ranch", but the reality of us not having yaks, let alone 3 of them, came to fruition when we lost Lucky a couple of weeks ago.   "Sweet Retreat" is another great name, and we believe we will use it as an event name when we hold our confection classes on the ranch.  In the end, we felt that "Vicarious Ranch" best suited our plans for the place.

While we will start small, with a large garden, a few roaming animals, a dairy herd for our own personal use, thanksgiving turkeys, laying hens, eventually our plans are to expand.  The name Vicarious grew from our friends and family expressing that what we are doing, is what they wish they could do.  We heard more than once "i'm just going to have to live vicariously through you."  
We thought why not? Why can't people live vicariously through us?  Why can't we offer something that gives people a chance to experience what we do, but in a way where they can get their hands dirty, muck about, shoot a bit of archery, milk a goat, make a bit of cheese, and then go home.
Ranch living is hard work, but for a weekend, or a few days, it is invigorating.  For those whom have always wanted to have a goat in their garden, but have neither the space or the time, we imagine a program whereby you can "adopt" a kid on our ranch.  If you have visions of putting up a whole pig, raised in a way to produce the most succulent meat, but don't have a can look to us.  Chefs have been doing this for years, and we plan on bringing the concept to home kitchens.
Today, the first step in our process was to secure our name and file as an LLC, was completed.  We received our approval from the state our EIN number and our member certificates.  
We are official 
now to"
secure the fencing
plant the garden
build guest quarters
and on, and on, and on....

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