Sunday, October 7, 2012


Mike has been wanting a new puppy for a very long time.  Me? Not so much...although I had been making rumblings about finally getting an old english sheep dog...a romantic notion inspired by Please Don't Eat the Daisies.  We already have two small dogs which is enough for our small condo and travel schedule. 

Mike, undeterred, began searching in earnest for a miniature bull terrier.  All I could think was ugh.  Weekdays were filled with Mike sending me photos of newborn pups just waiting for good homes. I would pretend that my computer was down.

A glorious day for me was when Mike realized that miniature anything was probably not the best choice for a ranch dog.  It is no secret that I have great ideas about what should go on at the ranch.  What may have been a secret is that I really don't want to do all of the dirty work involved in getting there.  I'm fond of saying, "I'm an excellent pointer".  I stand by that still.  Mike felt like he needed a companion dog, and I agreed.

I just didn't realize he needed it so soon.

A few weeks ago, while sitting in my dairy science management class, I received a text.  Yes, I brought a phone to class...and I checked it often.  So rude, I know...but it happened to be the same week we were closing on the ranch, and I had to be at the ready for any additional information or documentation. Again, I stand by that story.

Back to the text

It was a photo of Mike holding a puppy.  While most people's first reaction would be to ooh and ahh...perhaps giggle a little at the sheer darlingness of the event, my first words were "oh shit"
My darling devoted wife response, hastily sent in a bit of a panic was not loving, nor supportive.  it wasn't "oh shit" but it was close.  Here we were, not yet owning the ranch, with a busy few months ahead of us, 2 dogs already on hand (one of which is elderly and blind) living in a small cluttered condo (with rules about how many pets you are allowed--and the answer is not 3), with a new puppy.

Thankfully, Mike responded no, just a deposit.  I thought to myself...okay good, we'll just ask for the deposit back.  I was not on board.  

Mind you...this puppy Mike was holding, was a sheltie.  I grew up with a sheltie. My childhood dog was legendary.  She was the perfect dog, smart, protective, loving and calm.  I loved her, and have never had a dog live up to her greatness. Seriously, Kelly was the best dog I ever knew.  Mike had in his hands, a little Kelly, and all I could think was "oh shit". nice, right?!
We have this thing..on big things, if one of us says no, then it is no.  I said no.

Before you gather the mob...I was definitely up for a new dog, just not before moving to the ranch.  It just all seemed too overwhelming to me.

Mike, took my no, and raised me a logical argument about socialization, training, bonding, blah, blah, blah. And then he waited me out.  

I made the deal.  You feed her, train her, get up all night long for potty breaks, and I'm in.  

11 days ago, Mike brought home an 8 week old sheltie puppy, he named "Scout".  He will train her to be a ranch dog, sheep herding and all.

And I love her.  She is spunky and curious and loves to play.  

Now, to get our other two dogs on board. I'm thinking that if they had a vote, they would have been "out" too.

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