Sunday, October 7, 2012

Getting Civilized

So we were finally able to spend our first official weekend at our new ranch. Even though we were without internet and enjoyed only spotty cell service, we had a great time. The weekend just happened to coincide with the annual neighborhood potluck picnic so we were able to meet many of our Indian Valley neighbors. They may have just been kind to the new "city folk" but most gave us a favorable reception to our ideas about starting up a cheese dairy. Of course, Christy's potluck contribution of eggplant with homemade goat cheese may have added to their confidence. We got all kinds of advice on fencing, equipment and layout.

One thing we quickly discovered was what a pain in the ass it was to have to get out of the car to open the cattle gates every time we came and left the property. There are two sets of gates just to get up to the house, the outer perimeter gate and the inner corral. That's not going to cut it. A little internet research led me to the Mighty Mule website where I found an automatic kit to open the fence from the comfort of the car or 4-wheeler... big city style. They are pretty expensive once you add on all of the do-dads like extra remotes and wireless keypads so we are going to try one and if we are happy with it we will get another. The box says it is a 2-3 hour installation but I already set it up in the living room so it should be as easy and mounting the arms and running the wires.
The next crucial item in getting civilized was acquiring an internet connection. I asked around at the party and everyone seemed to agree on the Hughesnet satellite service. I called them and they said we were lucky enough to be in the coverage area of their newest satellite launched just 2 weeks ago which would give us much faster internet than any other company. After a half hour of trying to explain the address to the salesman, we were finally able to agree on a plan and schedule an install which our caretaker Cathy will be able to oversee.

All we need now is the Directv set up with NFL Sunday Ticket and we will be ready to move in... Oh yeah, Christy will probably want stuff like a bed and plates and furniture too. Women, what can i say?...

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