Monday, October 8, 2012

A Bird's Eye View

Here is a little overhead map of our property so you can see how it lays out. We have neighbors all around but none within sight of the house, not even the caretaker who has a 5th wheel down by the pole barn. We are pretty lucky to be right across the street from an established "You-Pick" orchard which will hopefully help with our visibility once we start the cheese dairy and archery range. The neighbor to the north has a small vineyard (not pictured) and there are various horse and cattle properties up and down the main road.

As you can see, the ranch has quite varied topography. The lower pasture will be the main animal area but the yaks and goats will love to browse the grassy hillsides. From the road it looks as though the property is mostly vertical but once you get to the upper ridgeline you can see that the entire top is a flat plateau with fingers branching off toward the road.

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